We are the Friends of Minesing Wetlands

Minesing Wetlands is one of the largest intact wetlands in southern Ontario. It provides habitat for a large variety of flora and fauna, many of which are rare, sensitive and/or near the limits of their geographical range. Over 206 species of birds inhabit the wetlands, including 114 known breeders and is home to one of Ontario’s oldest Great Blue Heronry. The unique hydrology provides for an interconnected network of wetlands, fens and marshes. This 7,000 hectare site comprises land holdings of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, the Government of Ontario, County of Simcoe and numerous private landowners.The Friends of Minesing Wetlands (FOMW) was officially established in 1997. The Friends are made up of a committed board of directors, our general membership and a staff member of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority to facilitate treasury and other administrative needs.

Purpose & Objectives for Friends of the Minesing Wetlands

  •    To protect the ecological integrity of Minesing Wetlands, and its supporting watershed.
  •    To undertake specific projects and initiatives, or organize and promote special events compatible with Ramsar guidelines and the Minesing Wetlands management objectives, and as agreed to by the Friends of Minesing Wetlands.
  •    To promote educational, recreational and eco-tourism opportunities compatible with the preservation of the Minesing Wetlands’ ecosystem.
  •    To develop programs which further the public’s awareness, education, understanding and appreciation of Minesing Wetland’s natural and human heritage resources.
  •    To function in partnership with the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority as a charitable non-profit corporation for the purpose of fundraising in accordance with Provincial and Federal Statutes on a continuing basis.
  •    To raise funds to supplement, compliment and enhance the ecologically sound management of Minesing Wetlands.
  •    To accept donations, bequests and other gifts.

Since 1997 we have taken on and completed a number of high profile projects that offer recreational and educational opportunities to the public. You may be familiar with some of them:

–         Minesing Wetlands poster map

–         Willow Creek Canoe launch and Interpretive Kiosk

–         Minesing Unplugged Wetland Festival

–         Meadow Mouse and Mayers Marsh Hiking trail

–         Gating all vehicular access points around wetland

–         Wildlife Viewing Platform and Trappers Monument

–         Flora and Fauna Inventory

–         Annual guided canoe excursions through the wetland

In 2016 we produced our first strategic plan FOMW Strategic Plan May 12, 2016