Fundraising & Outreach Initiatives

We are keen to assist in fundraising efforts for stewardship and securement efforts in the Minesing Wetlands.

Baldwick Bluff – NCC Securement Project

In spring 2020 the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) had the opportunity to purchase 32 hectares (80 acres) of forests, fields, wetlands and headwater streams surrounding the core of the Minesing Wetlands. FOMW committed to matching donations from our members and followers, up to a total of $2,000. Together we were able to raise $6,040! Thank you to all of the donors that participated in this initiative!

Speaking out against Bill 229 – Schedule 6

The Provincial Government, who contributes less than 2% of a Conservation Authorities budget has proposed several changes to the Conservation Authorities Act in Schedule 6 of the most recent budget bill – Bill 229. These changes will move from an ecosystem-based approach for all to one that protects personal gain. 

Property development with a planning review system based on science and engineering allows technical decisions to be made that do not jeopardize ecology or life downstream.  When a Conservation Authority is able to be apart of the solution, the permitting system is non-political, and protects our wetlands and natural spaces from individual pursuits that degrade nature.

To hopefully by pass public input, they decided to sneak this amendment into the budget process, so the proposed changes do not need to go through the normal public consultation process. NO CONSULTATION and NO PUBLIC INPUT!!

Schedule 6 has passed first and second hearing at the Ontario Legislature and is going to be debated at the Standing Committee on November 30, December 1 and December 2.

Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) assessment of Schedule 6 of Bill 229, “the package of amendments as proposed are likely to set back watershed planning and implementation of an ecosystem-based approach by decades. As such, CELA recommends that Schedule 6 not be enacted in its present form and instead be withdrawn in its entirety from Bill

Please tell your MPP and other pertinent people that #ConservationMatters and ask them to #RemoveSchedule6 from the Budget Bill so that these significant changes can be properly debated and informed through consultation.

Use this link to find your local reps

Andrea Horwath, leader of the opposition.

We have lost approximately 80% of our wetlands in Southern Ontario due to urban growth. We need to protect what is left.

Please stand with us to remove schedule 6 from Bill 226.