Historical Re-enactment at Fort Willow

Historical Re-enactment

Historical Re-enactment

Historic Fort Willow and the Nine Mile Portage are under constant threat of attack from hordes of invaders, but a courageous group of British regulars, Royal Navy Seamen, Royal Artillerymen and the Royal Newfoundland Regiment maintain a defence of this strategic location. It may now be the new Millennium, but you will still find them hard at work practicing drills and re-enacting past battles.

The Fort Willow Improvement Group and the Froends of Minesing Wetlands have hosted a number of historical re-enactments over the past years, and continue to this day.


  • Fort Willow Improvement Group
  • Royal Newfoundland Regiment
  • Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada
  • Upper Canada Volunteer Regiments Organization
  • Friends of the Voyageurs
  • Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  • Township of Springwater