Mayers Marsh Viewing Platform

Mayers Marsh Viewing Platform

The project started in the spring of 1998 with collaborative meetings to come up with acceptable design criteria followed by on site investigation and conceptual design ideas. Issues such as impact on the wetlands, anchoring to the organic soils, impact on snowmobile travel, vandalism, signage, aesthetics, and material choices were discussed and resolved. The final design was a physically challenged accessible, “floating” type structure, anchored to the rail bed with hinged ramps, incorporating a seating area and a low cut railing to permit viewing from wheel-chair level. The platform was constructed in October and thanks to some great volunteer help the project was delivered under budget.

The viewing platform is located within the Mayers Marsh on the eastern periphery of the Minesing Wetlands. The platform is to be physically challenged accessible, incorporate environmentally friendly design and construction, be a rest stop for travellers, a destination for education and interpretation, be a quiet place to reflect on nature and be a great place to spot wildlife without impacting on more sensitive areas of the wetlands.


  • The design criteria for the platform was developed through a committee consisting of the Brereton Field Naturalists, the Snow Voyageurs Snowmobile Club, Rails to Trails and Friends of Minesing Wetlands (FOMW).
  • Platform construction drawings were prepared by the FOMW and construction was coordinated by the Brereton Field Naturalists.
  • Specification for the bench seating area was provided by Katherine Dugmore, OALA
  • Heavy lifting assistance was donated by the Township of Springwater works department.
  • Financial support and other in-kind was provided by Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation, FOMW, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Brereton Field Naturalists, NVCA and Nature Conservancy of Canada.