Protecting a Sensitve Wetland

Vehicle Access Barriers and Signage
Motorized vehicle use on NVCA lands in the wetlands is a prohibited and damaging activity, yet there was little in the way of either physical or visual barriers on some of the access points. Enforcement is also difficult and as a result, mud truck and all terrain vehicle operators caused significant damage to sensitive areas within the wetlands. In response, seven vehicle access barriers and signs at popular access points were installed in 2001. Similar barriers were successful at deterring operators of motorized vehicles from gaining access to sensitive areas in other parts of the province and so they were strategically located around Minesing wetlands to attempt to prevent further damage to systems such as the string fens. The final step in the project was the production and circulation of Fact Sheets regarding motorized vehicle damage in wetlands.

The official unveiling took place on October 9th, at the junction of Ronald Road and Glengarry Landing Road South, just west of Minesing. In attendance were local politicians, NVCA members, the media and representatives from TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation, through which we received the funding for such an ambitious undertaking.

Major funding dollars were provided by the TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation. FOMW received contributions of materials, time and equipment from Munro Concrete in Barrie, and had a significant partner in the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority for experienced staff time, equipment use, and administrative resources.

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